First World Problems…

First World Problems...
First World Problems…

…while some of the crap we’re surrounded by might seem like we’re slipping backwards, we do live at a great time.

So, great that people have got time and technology on their hands to nitpick over the smallest things…. like Bradley Cooper’s nose in a new movie.

He’s doing ‘Jew face’… he’s been told.

I doubt any kid stitching up footballs, or mother trying to get clean water in a third-world country gives a fig about it.

We, on the other hand, can write books and publish them ourselves, create digital products and make money 24/7, have our own radio show with a podcast, and mix with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people that share the same hobbies that we have.

And yet, most people don’t take advantage of it.

It’s too hard.

It’s too complicated.

I might embarrass myself.

…that last one is the best one.

I’m going to hold myself back because I’m worried about what other people will think of me… people that I don’t even know.

Again, imagine taking one of those third-world kids or mothers and slotting them into where you are and what you know.

You think they wouldn’t be taking advantage of all this?

Sometimes we need a good kick in the arse or slap around the head until we realize how good we have it.

Because we have it so good right now.

And if you’re not taking advantage of what you have and what you know… there’s no hope for you.

And if you’re not taking advantage of A.I. …. you’re an idiot.

Right now, you could be multiplying yourself, writing better sales copy, coming up with better tweets, spitting out blog posts in the blink of an eye, and creating images that could hang in the world’s best galleries.

If you don’t know how to use it… that’s fair enough… click here and I’ll show you.

If you do…and are just plain lazy… again, picture a third-world person in your position.

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we have it.

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