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Fish Head Stew

fish head stew

….it never ceases to amaze me the things people put in their mouths ….take for example fish head stew.

Looking down into a bowl with the head of my food eye balling me, isn’t my sort of fun but there are people who swear by it.

Now if I was a fan of the stuff, I’m sure I’d be the only one on my street to eat it, but…nowadays with a few clicks of your mouse you can find your tribe and enthral them with your fish head stew shenanigans.

That’s if you like clicking mouses, but I think that’s cruel…

Now although the idea of my food eye balling me is a big turn off, I’m sure you’d love that attention for your books.

Bill Platt has the perfect tool for that and you can find it here.

Now I don’t know if Bill’s a big fan of fish head stew, but he sure knows how to cook up some great ideas.

And this is one of them. If you don’t believe me, head on over and smell that sweet waft of a bargain before it goes off with a price rise.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s blog post…which is another challenge I got from a reader… How many thumbtacks can fit on a human butt?

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