Focus On The Finish Line, Not The Starting Line

Focus On The Finish Line Not The Starting Line
Focus On The Finish Line Not The Starting Line

Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and circumstances that may not always be in our favour. However, the most important aspect of this journey is not where we begin but where we ultimately end up. It’s a lesson I learned firsthand when witnessing my son Matthew’s remarkable journey from struggling with dyslexia to proudly graduating from university. This powerful realization serves as a reminder that we have the power to shape our own destinies, regardless of our starting point.

The Uphill Battle

Matthew’s journey was far from easy. Unaware of his dyslexia until late in primary school, he faced immense difficulties with reading and comprehension. His confidence plummeted as he experienced bullying at school, leaving him feeling defeated and disheartened. As a parent, I worried about his future and wondered if he would ever overcome these challenges.

A Decision to Strive for Success

Determined to help Matthew, and with his mother’s unwavering support, he made the courageous decision to attend a school an hour away to receive specialized assistance for his dyslexia. It was a choice that I, at his age, could not have imagined making. Despite my doubts, Matthew proved to be resilient and dedicated, keeping up with his classwork and always submitting assignments well before deadlines.

Proving Doubters Wrong

My doubts about his ability to succeed in university were quickly shattered. Matthew persevered and thrived in his studies, demonstrating exceptional commitment and academic excellence. As I watched him proudly pose in his graduation cap and gown, it became clear that he had surpassed all expectations and achieved an incredible feat.

The Power of Choice

Matthew’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that life is about the choices we make and the actions we take. While we may have little control over our starting circumstances, the power to determine our future lies within us. We can choose to focus on our limitations or seize the opportunities before us. We can allow negative voices to shape our self-perception, or we can surround ourselves with supportive individuals who recognize our true potential.

Embrace the Journey

Life is an unpredictable journey, and none of us can control all its twists and turns. Yet, we can choose how we respond to challenges, setbacks, and adversities. Instead of dwelling on where we started, we must keep our eyes on where we want to finish. The determination, resilience, and perseverance we exhibit on this journey are what truly matter.

It’s not where we start but where we finish that defines our lives. Each of us has the ability to rise above our circumstances, embrace challenges, and work tirelessly toward our goals. So, let us take control of our destinies, reject negativity, and focus on the path ahead. Remember, life is a journey—embrace it and create your own triumphant story.

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