Focused On The Beach, Or On Struggling With Your Bags?

…right now, I’d imagine there are a lot of folks looking longingly at travel brochures.

They pictured themselves walking on the beach.

Running their fingertips in a pool, as they floated lazily on an inflatable.

Or imagined their screams as they plummeted to the ground on a ride at a theme park.

For those few days, everything was planned to the minute detail.

They knew the clothes they’d wear.

They knew the route they’d drive.

They knew where they’d eat.

And they kept that image at the forefront of their mind.

Replaying it over and over again.

They never wondered if they wouldn’t get there.

They never wondered if the pilot didn’t know his way.

And they never wondered if they’d be able to lug their heavy bags around.

Because they knew they’d get there.

One way or another, they’d get there.

The flight might get delayed.

A bag might get lost.

Or the car might get a puncture.

But that’s not where their focus was.

It was the end result.

Most people do all the above on autopilot.

Things however, are a lot different when it’s swapped out for something like writing a book. Creating a blog and a following. Or owning a money-making product.

The end result is hardly ever kept in mind.

It’s focused on a lack of progress.

Lack of talent.

Or everything that’s going wrong.

And when that happens most folks give up.

‘It’s too hard.’

‘I’ll never get there.’

‘What was I thinking?’

All because they haven’t got that picture leading them forward.

Keeping them going.

And knowing that even if there’s a roadblock, there’s another route they can take.

You’ll never change your destination by only focusing on where you are right now.

You do it for a holiday.

Think maybe it might be wise to use it in other areas of your life too?

If you don’t have a goal pulling you forward, or know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s very easy to throw in the towel.

So what’s your story?

Barry J McDonald.