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Freelance Writing For Beginners

Freelance writing for beginners
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If you’re new to the whole world of freelance writing, you’re probably wondering how and where to start. And if you’re coming to it with very little experience, or training, you may be wondering if you’re qualified enough. Never fear. In today blog post, we’re going to look at two popular places you can advertise your freelance writing on. And not only that, I’m going to show you 3 ways to stand out from the crowd so you can charge more for your writing.

Best Freelance Writing Websites For Beginners

1 – – If you’ve never been to before, you’re in for a surprise. Here you can find lots of online freelancers offering their services for $5 a gig. If you need a book cover created you can pay someone $5 to create it. If you need leaflets handed out at a location anywhere in the world, you can pay someone $5 to do it.

While the thought of offering your writing services for $5 a project may sound dismal, bear with me a moment. The $5 price tag is for the basic package. So for example, you could offer to write a 500 word article for $5. But, if you want that article created in the next 24 hours, you’re going have to pay an extra $5. And if you want that 500 word article lengthened into 1000 word article that’s another $5.

As you can see, although you are only offering your freelance writing gig for $5 for a basic article there are all manner of hidden extras that you can add to your price tag. So that you’re getting paid more for each article that you’ve written. And bear in mind there are other paid freelancing writing jobs for beginners than article writing that you can apply for. Do a search on the site and you’ll find all manner of writing from… comedy writing, poetry fiction writing, copy writing for sales letters, writing content for social media, non fiction writing, and everything in between.

2 – – Once known as, is another easy place you can set up an account and start offering your freelance writing jobs online. Unlike where everything is priced at $5, clients coming to have a various range of budgets, and job sizes.

For example, you will find clients coming to the site looking for larger projects being done. Because of that you will probably find yourself working for longer periods with the one client and getting paid more to do so. In some cases if you do a good job and you build up a good relationship between yourself and the client you may find yourself working solely for that client and not having to take on any other freelance writing on. Again like, Upwork isn’t just solely for article writing, or writing for that matter. You’ll find lots of freelancers offering their services in more ways than I can mention here.

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners – How To Charge More For Your Work

1 – Specialize – What’s the difference between a general doctor, and a surgeon? One is a general practitioner and the other is a specialized doctor, and because of that he can charge more for it. So what can you specialize in? Have you a love of all things social media? Why not narrow down your writing to that subject and offer your services as a social media content writer? Love writing fiction? Then why not narrow down your fiction writing to a smaller genre like Romance or Thriller, and because of that you can charge more for it?

2 – Build References – If you’re only starting out, you probably haven’t got many references yet. this is one thing you need to work on. the more references testimonials and happy customers you can show to your next client the more you can charge for your work. if you think you can charge a large amount for your freelance writing without this you’re sadly mistaken. In the beginning you’re going to have to charge a cheaper rate until you build up a testimonial list, once you have it you can prove that your work is worth paying more for.

3 – Create A Portfolio – The only way you are going to get high paying work is that have a portfolio of well written content. If you can give plenty of examples of articles you’ve written in the past, whether that is from past clients, or from a blog that you’ve just created (solely for showing off your content) it’s well worth doing. Again, like having a reference list having plenty of well written content is another way to prove that your work is worth charging more for.

Now that you have the basic information the only thing you have to do now is get started. Start creating articles and examples of work for clients to look at. Think of ways you can specialize your writing so that you can charge more for your work. And more importantly get started. Once you get started you can see if a paid freelance writing job is right for you. If it’s not more than maybe you could take up another freelance service that offers on either website.

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