Get All My Coloring Book Images For $5 Per Month

Get All My Coloring Book Images For  Per Month

…slow down there buster!

Put that credit card down and step away from that PayPal account.

I’m not talking about me…I’m talking about you.

Remember a few days back…before I gave you that…

virtual kick in the butt….about getting off your butt.. 

…I mentioned some ways of avoiding the competition?

One was to sell where no one else was selling…. so why not create your own club?

You own virtual coloring book club?

Follow along with me here….what if, and I’m only spit balling here…but what if instead of selling books…you sold subscriptions?

What if at the back of your book it said….

“Get all the coloring book images you could ever want for $5 per month!”

Would you sign up?

You could have an adult coloring image section….a kids coloring image section…..a sweary and rude coloring image section ….a Christian coloring image section…and on and on it went.

Each month you drop in a new collection of images….maybe the odd video on coloring or journaling tips, tricks or whatever your subscribers want.

Now you’ve gone from book sale to book sales….to having a recurring income….with minimum fuss.

Nice, huh?

Oh all right I’ll toss in another idea…

….why not go down the route Amy Harrop is talking about and create a load of educational worksheets for Ma and Pa to print off for their kids?

– No competition
– Recurring income
– And you can also advertise coloring book equipment and get paid by Amazon as an affiliate.

If you like the idea of educational content, get thy butt over here, you can take all that Workbook knowledge and make anything you want with it.

PS – Now aren’t you glad you dropped by.