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Get This Right And You’re Set For Life

Get This Right And You're Set For Life
Get This Right And You’re Set For Life

…the other day I heard something that surprised me, but probably shouldn’t have.

A multimillionaire said that he was at a certain income level and couldn’t get by it.

The advice he was given…

You need to build a bigger community.

He (She) who has the biggest audience takes home more of the cash.

It works in Hollywood.

It works on the Kindle store.

It works on YouTube.

It works for email.

The bigger your following the more power you have.

You don’t have to be the best actor…write books that everyone reads…make educational content….or have a great knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

Your community doesn’t care about those things.

Others, with no following, will complain that it’s not fair or that rules need to be changed, but what they don’t realize is that it’s always been that way.

Your income…is going to be limited by the size of your community.

If it’s only you? – You can say good luck to that book of yours hitting any of the bestselling lists.

Like hiding in your shell? – Don’t expect anyone to go under there to see what you’re making.

Think being the best will clear you a path? – If Jesus believed that, he wouldn’t have put together his own sales team.

Look at anyone that’s doing well for themselves, and you’ll find that they’re only a tweet, a video, or a blog post away from their community.

And that’s how books, products, and concerts get sold out in minutes.

How do you do it?

Firstly by realizing that you ain’t gonna make it on your own.

Then, whatever platform you like hanging out on, start putting some content on it and show up regularly. – The best place, is someplace you own and control.

The next step, grab those email addresses.

If some folks don’t want to give them, that’s great. – They’re not right for your community.

I’d rather have ten people that liked what I do, than a hundred who couldn’t care. 

But just remember the bigger your community, the stronger you’ll be.

Now, off you pop, and go make some new friends.

And before I go, don’t be one of those people that just collect email addresses and leave it at that.

Start writing to your audience.

What about?

You’ll find tons of ideas in here.

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