Go Where The Money Is

…walking through our local shopping centre and you’ll find more stores closing down and not being replaced.

Seems everyone wants to sit down and stuff their face or drink coffee, but shopping, no thanks.

We can blame it on a lot of things, Amazon and the online revolution, and other things like bad location and poor product choices.

If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends and giving people what they want…they go elsewhere.

Same is true of the online world.

A trend that’s hot today could be over next week or steamrolled by the latest Donald Trump tweet.

So are you keeping up with the trends? When was the last time you fired up a keyword tool and studied what people are searching for?

Both on Google and Amazon.

Probably been a while. Or maybe never. If so, you could be leaving good money on the table.

Especially if your competition is as lazy as you are.

Who know what trends and ideas you could be swiping from under their noses?

So, how do you know what’s hot?

What’s being searched for?

I’ve made it easy for you, especially if you’re in the coloring book, workbook, or t-shirt game.

Go here where the money is.