Go Where There’s No Competition

…many moons ago, B.C (before children) Catherine, myself and her dad were on holiday in Tunisia.

It’s on the top half of Africa, and if you can image the scene from the old Indiana Jones film, filled with market stalls and people haggling for your trade, this way it.

Everywhere you looked people were trying to sell you wooden animals, rugs and carpets, and everything you can imagine.

I’m surprised we didn’t come home with a chimp. 🙂 

Catherine’s dad, who was getting on in age, was loving the opportunity of haggling them to their lowest price. Once he got one, he would go the neighbouring stall and asked the next guy if he could match it.

Some did, and some waved him off. Probably calling him a cheapskate in their native tongue. 

Thing is if anyone of them wanted to make more money, they’d have been better to go where there was no competition.

If you can’t compare their prices with the guy next door, then you’re likely to pay at whatever price he’s selling at.

Same goes with you and your products.

If you’re selling $10 t-shirts and everyone else’s is selling at $5…you look expensive.

But if you set up a stall somewhere else and your customers have nothing to compare it with.

Same with books on Amazon. If you’re selling at 99 cent, your $2.99 one looks expensive.

So what do you do?

Either sell where there’s no competition or make it so totally unique that no one else can copy it.

When you’re as unique as Stephen King, no one else can be Stephen King.

Same goes with your blog, digital products or anything else, if you put ‘you’ into them then they’re unique.

Like the course I just released on WarriorPlus.

7 Ways To Automate And Stay On Top Of Social Media. 

It’s my voice, my ideas and thoughts that no one else can copy.

It’s also a 40 minute video that not many marketers would give for such a low price.

Thus making it more unique.

*WriteCome members save your trigger finger. It’ll be added next month. 

PS – I’d even heard of a pizza company advertising their pizza on a porn site.  No competition, and lower ad costs. 🙂

Maybe something for an author selling erotic books to consider?

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