Going Eye Ball To Eye Ball With A Thousand Pound Cow

…when it comes to remembering dates, things like birthdays even my own kids, escapes me sometimes.

My wife’s birthday is a different story, it never leaves my mind, probably because I know I’d be killed if I forgot it.

…that’s another thing, women and birthdays.

My wife is like a Rolodex when it comes to who’s birthday is when. Me, my head’s like a sieve. But that’s for another email.


…back to the story.

It all began on a cold, damp and foggy night.

I was travelling home on my motorbike, after visiting Catherine at her house in the local town of Dundalk.

We’d only been going out a while, and she’d told me to be careful on my way home, especially as it was late and I was on a motorbike.

…hey what can I say…she loved me. 🙂

At the time I was still living at home, so it was a ten mile journey, but  one I did on a daily basis.

I knew the road like the back of my hand, and even on a foggy night, I knew where every pot hole, corner, and piece of gravel was.

The one thing I didn’t expect to see, and didn’t see until the last second, was a cow standing in the middle of the road.

I’ll never forget whistling past it at 70 miles an hour, mere inches from it.

To say my heart skipped a beat was an understatement. If it had moved a foot or two into my lane, I’d had it.

I looked back in my mirror at the black and white shape that disappeared in the fog, and thanked the man above. He’d let me off that time.

Although I can’t remember the date, that moment will always be stuck in my mind.

I’d imagine in thirty years from now I’ll still be able to recall that moment when I came eye to eye with that cow.

But ask me about any other date and I’m left scratching my head and counting with my fingers.

What can I say…I’m a man. Not too much stays for long on the old hard drive in my head.

That’s where calendars come in handy. Even with all the technology that we have, a calendar on the wall is a God  send.

And especially if you’re a man and there’s a birthday coming up. You can’t say you didn’t see the date with the big red X on it.

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