Good Guys Don’t Always Finish First

…compared to what Disney and some Muppets on social media would want you to believe, good guys don’t always finish first.

The best authors don’t make it to the top – Ever hear of Fifty Shades?

The best restaurants don’t always have a full showing – McDonald’s never has any trouble though.

Arse hole celebrities get the lime light, and air time, rather than role models who could be guiding young minds – Insert any ‘Housewives of’…’Kardasians’….or a hundred other reality shows that have huge viewing figures.

I could go on and on.

You’ve probably got businesses in your own local area that are the same. – The best one in town isn’t always the most popular spot – or maybe it’s already gone bust.

Being good at what you do, doesn’t always guarantee success. – You can be the most hard working, salt of the earth type of person, but if no one knows you exist you’ll never have the success you want.

And that’s why you’ve got to market yourself.

If you’re an author, you’ve got to be a marketer first, and an author second. – Not the other way around.

The world’s full of authors right now, but what it isn’t full of, is authors that know how to market their books.

Those that do, get noticed, and sell more books.

Same goes for bloggers. Throw a rock and you’ll hit someone that’s got a blog. – Majority of them though, don’t market their blog.

They’ve fallen for the myth that Google, or the Internet fairy is going to pluck them from obscurity. – Nice dream.

Whatever you’re doing should always take second place to marketing that work.  – Fail to do that, and don’t be surprised when you see someone with less talent than you striding ahead because they’re not afraid of sticking their neck out and letting people know they exist.

Good guys don’t always finish first, and neither do shy ones.

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