Google’s Changing The Game Again…

…whether you care or not, Google’s changing the game for a lot of internet marketers.

In a bid to tidy up the search results once more, they’re targeting spammy
sites that feature lots of ads and pop ups.

I can see why they’re doing it…there’s nothing worse than landing on a web page that’s got fifty ads all looking for you attention….when you’re looking for
an answer to a question.

And I can see a lot people’s earnings going down the tube because of it.

Facebook is also changing how their news feed is going and featuring less
content that people don’t want to see.

Again, people are going to lose out because of it, and it’s wake up call.

At the end of the day, if you’re playing ball in someone else’s backyard, there’s nothing stopping them picking up the ball and leaving you with nothing.

But if you own the yard and the ball, you’re in control of what goes on there.

If you haven’t got a website with a domain name you own, get one.

If you haven’t got an email list, start making one.

And if you’re featuring all your products on one site, make sure you have a
backup plan if anything happens.

I might sound like ‘Chicken Little’ telling you that the sky’s falling down
but it’s better to be in control than not.

A few weeks from now there’s going to be a lot of girls and boys going home
with tears in their eyes that that big ole nasty Google took their ball home with them.

I don’t want something like that to happen to you.

Make some plans.

I mightn’t have lumber or footballs in the WriteCome membership area,
but I can give you the hammer and nails to get you started. 

PS – How well you play football is another matter.

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