Got Anything That’s Going To Outlive You?

…if there’s one thing I love about the written word, video, or audio content, is that it’s out there working for me 24/7.

Not only that, but sometimes it’s an asset that can outlive me, and can be handed on to my kids.

There’s not many businesses that can say that.

A brick and mortar store can’t make money from grandpa’s hard work from fifty years ago. – It’s gone, never to be replaced.

A building contractor can’t create work for themselves without bricks and a customer. – You, on the other hand, can build anything with words, and do it whenever you want to.

A factory worker only gets paid from the moment they clock on, until they clock off. – It’s ten hours pay, and not a penny more.

So, it always amazes me when I see people grumble about how hard things are.

‘How many posts do I need to write to create a successful blog?’

‘You expect me to write that many words each day?’

‘A video course? That’s going to take months….or even longer.’

The short-sightedness boggles my mind.

And yet, they’ll never question how useful their gaming, or bingeing on Netflix, really is. – Time they’ll never get back.

And they’re paying for the privilege of getting nothing done. #Genuis.

Some days I just want to grab people by the scruff of the neck to shake some sense into them.

But hey, ya can’t save everyone.


…I’ve been rethinking the course idea I had a number of weeks back.

Which one says you?

It’s creating a product of your own, using a PLR product as the springboard for your content creation.

This will be something that I will add to the member’s area when it’s done, but for non-members, it’s your chance
to ride along with me, as you and I create content that you can use and sell.

What I’m planning to do, is purchase a low-cost PLR product, pull it apart and create multiple pieces of content from it.

Then I’m planning on selling the course, and the content I create, as two separate products on WarriorPlus.

If this is something you’d be interested in seeing, and doing for your own business, click the PayPal link here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – This isn’t for everyone. And yes, the payment is in pounds, and not dollars.

If you’re a tyre kicker, there’s nothing for you to see here.

Netflix is probably a better investment for you for now.