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Greatest Or Perfectionist?

…this was something James Cameron, the Titanic movie director, spoke of in an interview.

I’m paraphrasing him here, but he said that he could never be a perfectionist and so he’d settle for being great-est instead.

I used to face that regularly.

I used to worry that the font in my book had to be the right type, that I needed to do more plotting before I began, that my books had to have a certain amount of words in them, and on and on it went…

You know who didn’t know notice those things?

The people buying my books.

There’s some of my earlier books that I cringe when think of the way I wrote them.

The dialogue I used, the novice mistakes I made, but I only know that now because I’ve more experience since then.

If you’re in the same situation, holding back until you get the perfect image for your picture book, taking longer than you should making your workbook, give yourself a break and get it out there.

Nothing’s perfect.

Make your next one better.

Drop the perfectionist title and go with great-est instead.

Get started on your greatest kids book here.

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