Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

…now unless you’re pregnant, or had your taste buds sand blasted from your mouth, that mixture of food is either appealing to you, or you’re retching at the thought of it.

Now before I go further, I should say it didn’t come about when Catherine left me alone and I needed to find something to feed the kids with, ….it’s something Matt Smith, (three Doctor Whos back) ate in an
episode of the show.

Whether he kept it down I don’t know, but those in the BBC were clever enough to make the 3rd of April the official day of Fish Fingers And Custard. As part of the day they want people to record themselves eating said combination and posting it on YouTube.

Which got me to thinking, what a great idea?

You’ve got other people creating content for you, and it’s something that can easily go viral.

Maybe not as much as the Ice Bucket challenge, but who knows? Who wouldn’t want to challenge their mates to a finger and custard meal and watch the results?

Thing is, anyone could do it?

Your national day could be…

Color your coloring book using your left foot day.

Upside down T-shirt day….(where people wear t-shirts that have slogans printed upside down on them. Of course, you print said t-shirts 🙂 

Or any concoction of ideas.

Hey this is a free blog, you’ve got to put on your own thinking cap.

But make it a good one and you’ve got social media content, free PR from local papers, radio, maybe even TV, and you can do repeat it every single year.

Not only will you separate yourself from the competition, you’ll blow them away…because who can compete with that.

Oh, and you’ve got another 364 days to use for another wacky national holiday.

Class is dismissed, now go and get your thinking caps on.

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PS – “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”
– Doctor Who