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Happy Maewyn Succat Day!

…a day where the world and it’s granny claim to have some Irish blood in them. But like most things, there’s a few myths about the great man that most people don’t know.

– His name wasn’t Patrick. – We pinned that one on him.

– We don’t celebrate his birthday, but the day he died. – Just like the Irish to do things arse ways.

– The holiday began in the U.S before we jumped on board. – So don’t blame us if your town resembles the zombie apocalypse tonight, is wasn’t our idea.

– He didn’t run the snakes out of Ireland. – Although he’d be kept busy today trying to get rid of the two legged kind we’ve got right now.

– It used to be dry day with no pubs open. – That flew out the window very quickly.

– And we kinda cover up the whole kidnapping thing. – Doesn’t look good telling people that we used to kidnap kids and make them work for us many moons ago. 

But, thankfully, he turned the other cheek and thought we were worth saving from ourselves.

While I’m on the topic of busting myths and rumors, there’s another one I’d like to bust today.

This one is that ‘you’ aren’t capable of making your own coloring book images.

Some people would like you to believe that the only way you’re going to get content for your coloring books and the like is by buying PLR image packs.

How do I know this to be true?

Because when I showed this to my affiliate partners no one wanted to share it with their list.

Wonder why?

I’ll let you work out the reason for yourself over here.

PS –  And here’s a joke for the day that’s in it…

“I went out drinking on St Patrick’s Day, so I took a bus home…That may not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before.”

Have a good one!

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