Happy To Keep Sailing In The Back Garden?

…Earl Nightingale once told a story about a man who bought a little 13 foot sailing boat, and took it across the Atlantic Ocean.

Self taught, and without any fan fair, he sailed his way to the UK.

On the way he got tossed overboard numerous times, had to stay awake at night to prevent larger ships crushing him, and had more than the odd moment of delusion due to lack of sleep.

Why did he do it?

He always wanted to. – And knew he’d never achieve it sitting in his back garden playing pretend.

Unfortunately, that’s like a lot of folks.

They’ll stockpile the books, put on the little blogger’s, writer’s, or publishing hat, and pretend that they’re any of the above.

And like an episode of the ‘Rug Rats,’ they’ll make believe that they’re doing the work. That their readers are reading their content. And that they’ve got a home based business.

All a fantasy, played out in the safety of their back garden.

If you wanna sail, you’ve got to take that little ship of yours out on the open sea.

Sure, you’ll get tossed around. You’ll probably seem lost for the longest time. And you may fall foul of getting sunk by the Kraken.

But it’s going to make a better life story for your kids and family, than the imaginary one you’re telling yourself right now.

Stop pretending and go make something.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – Betcha it’s been a while since you thought about the Rug Rats. 🙂

Those cartoons were on on a constant loop when the kids were small. 

And I still can’t believe Spike was Bruce Willis.