Happy Turkey Lovers Day!

Happy Turkey Lovers Day!

…17 June. Hard to believe it’s back again. Where did those twelve months go?

I thought I’d challenge myself with today’s topic, humour me.  🙂

When I was growing up, there was only one time of the year when the smell of turkey was wafting around our kitchen, Christmas.

And because of that, that bird meant something.

It wasn’t just a meal  back then. Oh, no. There were the other things that made it special.

Family together, good TV shows that day, and knowing that once I ‘gobbled’ it down (pun intended), it was back to playing with what Santa brought me, or watching Willy Wonka for the millionth time.

Nowadays, kids don’t have that emotional link. I could walk into a deli right now and pick up a turkey sandwich at the drop of a hat.

Same goes with books.

If you wanted something to read back then, you had to get off your butt, go to the library or book shop and get one.

And there was no one around that could tell you if it was a two or five star read. Once that library card was stamped, or you coughed up the cash, you stuck with that sucker until you finished it.

Why? Because you’d nothing else to read, unless you did the trip all over again.

Nowadays, you can order a book sitting on the toilet. Don’t like it after the first page, there’s ten more that can be pulled from Amazon’s book shelf.

This convenience comes at a cost for us self publishers. When you’re a dime a dozen, and dealing with readers who aren’t committed to the long haul, there’s nothing there, no memories linked to that purchase.

If I were to ask you what you read when you were growing up, I’d imagine there’s books you could recall.

Me. I was a ‘Hardy Boys’ and ‘Famous Five’ kid. But if you asked me what I read last year, I’d be hard pressed to tell you.

Like those turkey meals, my kids will never know the strong bond you can have with a good book, especially one that you stuck with because there was nothing else in the house to read.

Nowadays, it’s ‘next!’ unless you can grab them from the first page.

Is today’s blog post a sob story, maybe so.  Or maybe I’m just getting old.

But there’s one thing I know. If you’re not giving today’s customer what they want you’ll be gone quicker than you can say ‘Gobble, gobble.’

Getting in front of them has changed too.

If you read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know that even a small thing like not having a ‘The’ and an ‘S’ on your books search terms can mean the difference between a hot, and a not, growing trend.

Years ago, you would have had to go through spreadsheets and do hours of work to get the info that’s in Crystal Ball Coloring, and that’s even if you could get it, or knew what you were doing.

Today, I can give you all that info in seconds.

And it’s only for anyone on MY list. – If you’re not on it, you can join it here.

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PS – It’s also Father’s Day today, but I thought the turkey idea would be something unique I’d do instead. – Because who writes blog posts about turkeys?

Unless you’re a reader complaining about my earlier books that is.  🙂