Hard To Believe….Even It Wasn’t April 1st

…you’d presume that many big accomplishments would be recognised for what they were when they happened.

Not so.

Take Dune, a book that went on to become the world’s best selling science fiction book, it didn’t get published until after it was rejected 20 times. – And when it did, it was by a publisher of car manuals.

Or the Wright Brothers first venture into the sky. You’d expected it to be big news, alas no. – It got reported in a bee keeping magazine.

And as for ole Einstein, the New York Times thought so highly of his Theory Of General Relativity that they sent a golfing correspondent to interview him.

All of the above is almost as bad as the home based business experts out there. – Hardly any know how to write emails, or can even teach how to do it.

Hence, all the swipe files and copying what everyone else is doing. – Yawn.

If they weren’t such idiots, they’d get a copy of Email Ace, and not make a fool of themselves the other 364 days of the year.

But come April 2nd, they’ll be back showing off their ignorance and making a fool of themselves.

If they only knew how easy it is. -Sigh!