Have You Got A Sales Funnel In Place?

As I’d wrote earlier in a blog post this week, I’m in the process of going through Russell Brunson’s podcast and his DotCom secrets book.

And it’s opening my eyes to sales funnels and why every company should have one in place.

And there’s no reason why you as an author shouldn’t have one too.

Of course we all know about giving away from books and content to get people onto a mailing list, but what have you got after that?

When you’re driving traffic with Facebook or Amazon ads, those click can be expensive and those costs can spiral out of control.

But have a funnel in place can mean that those expensive clicks are paid for or turned into a profit.

And as Russell puts it, when you’re not limited to how much you can pay for an ad, there’s not many other authors can compete with you.

If someone’s limit is ten cents a click, and you know you can be profitable up to a dollar a click then there’s no competition.

So, how do you set up a sales funnel?

Well, if you can imagine a flight of stairs with your freebie at the bottom step, each step going upwards has to have something of increasing value and cost as that person climbs your sales stairway.

If you’re giving something away free on Amazon, then you’re next step is to get them to your site.

Here you need to separate the freebie seekers from the people willing to spend money with you. This is where you need to get your thinking cap on.

So, what can you offer in your funnel?

A Free Paperback – Where they pay the postage to receive it.  – Meaning not only have you a lead, but a real world mailing address too. – Where you’re not competing with any other authors and you can follow up each month with offers. 

A Box Set Of Books – Again, you can go down the paperback version/postage route or you can offer this as an digital download. Of course you want to be in control of the whole process so it’s done far from Amazon.

Not only should you be collecting emails from those buyers, but you should have a Facebook pixel on the page. – This can be used later for re-targeting or future Facebook ads.

A Monthly Subscription – Depending on what you’re writing, could you create a monthly book subscription service. For one low monthly price, they’ll get four fiction books, a month’s supply of planning and workbook pages, coaching, or if your books health related some supplements or something that requires a monthly reorder.

A Training Course/One on One Coaching – Depending on what you’re writing about could you offer training of some kind? While this is probably more suited to non-fiction writing, fiction writers shouldn’t dismiss the idea either.

You may find some of your readers would love to write their own work too. A writing course or some coaching might just what they need from their favorite author.

Events – While again, more non-fiction than fiction, could you host a one day event somewhere? You don’t have to create all the content, or host it offline if you don’t want to. Even a virtual event, with a panel of experts, can be put together to make a great event that you can charge money for.

I’m sure you can see that having some kind of sales funnel in place can go a long way with reducing your ad costs and making your writing business profitable.

Not only that, but done properly you’ll also be building an email and physical address list so you won’t be relying on Amazon or another book store for sales.

All you’ve got to do is take action.