Have You Reach Your Enough Level Yet?

….Today I spent two hours picking up litter, and before you think I’m doing community service…I’m not 🙂

No, the road that we walk Summer (our dog) on, has turned into the local dumping spot.

Irish people have a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of their environment, one of my bug bears. I’m not a card carrying tree hugger, but tossing litter at the side of the road….don’t get me started or I’ll go
off on one!

Things is…

I walked that road this past few weeks, calling it a disgrace and shaking me head, but not doing anything about it.

How could people drive that road and not do something about it? Even locals that live on it?

It’s like all of us was waiting for someone to take the lead. You know who was taking the lead? No one.

But soon as we started doing it today, people congratulated us, tooted horns, and give us a thumbs up. Didn’t help though …but hey, great work you’re doing!

We weren’t looking for any slaps on the back or help. We just reached a point where enough was enough. Someone had to take action to fix it.

It got me thinking, is my “enough” level lower than others, or is everyone watching everyone else expecting them to take action?

What about you? What level is your “enough” at? Or are you waiting on others to take action before you do.

I learned a lesson today. I should have done it weeks ago and saved myself all the annoyance my inaction had done.

Also don’t look around for others to sort the problem out. In most cases everyone else is doing the same.

Now I’ve another problem. I’ve got three garbage bags filled with beer cans and energy drinks bottles.

Can’t wait to see the other faces at the local recycling depot when I’m dropping them off.

PS – If you’ve reached your enough level with your job, why not put more work on your writing?

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