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Having More Businesses Means…

Having More Businesses Means...
Having More Businesses Means…

…more money, right?

Because more = more.

But it’s not money you’ve got more of… it’s distractions.

If there’s one thing that’s probably holding you back right now, it’s trying to be everything.

Don’t believe me, have a look at how many domain names you have.

How many websites are you hosting on your shared web hosting account?

How many PLR digital products are you trying to sell?

How many software shortcuts have you got on your laptop’s desktop?

Think maybe jumping from one thing to the other is doing you any favors?

Probably not.

Now, imagine you ditched everything and focused on only one thing between now and Christmas.

Going by today’s date, that’s 44 days.

That would be 44 days of concentrated effort in one direction.

Now imagine you said, ‘Screw that, I’m well fit enough to do two things between now and Christmas.’

You’re now down to ( if you gave equal effort to both) 22 days of work for each item.

That’s a 50% reduction in effort and any results you would have achieved.

Throw in another item, because you’re a great multitasker, and you’ve gone down to 14.6 days.

And that’s only 3 things.

I’m sure you can see that running in three different directions gets you nowhere fast.

Maybe it’s time to put a flag in the ground. – This is the one thing you’re doing between now and Christmas and then stick with it. 

Not only will you be surprised by what you’ll be able to do, but you’ll find out a lot sooner if there’s money on the path you’re going down.

Adding more things means it’ll take longer to get that answer. – That’s if you’re even paying attention to the results you’re getting.

More isn’t always more.

Most times it’s actually…Less.

Do with that what you will.

But if you need help narrowing your focus, you might want to click here.

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