Having Too Much Of This Can Make You Sloppy

…What? I hear you say.

What is it?

I’ll tell you….it’s money.

Yeah, money.

Sometimes having too much of it can make you sloppy.

..I know what you’re thinking, I’d love to be in that position.  🙂 

But honestly, it can affect what you think and do.

Take for example, two people and Facebook ads.

One has ten thousand to spend on a campaign.

The other has a hundred.

Which one do you think will pay more attention to what they’re doing, will watch every penny, and try to wring the most they can from their budget.

It’s the second one….right?

He knows he’s got to make the  most from that 100 bucks.

Now the first guy may know what he’s doing, but when you’ve ten thousand to spend, the noose isn’t so tight around your neck.

Sometimes limiting yourself to a fictitious budget/or situation can get the creative juices going.

What would I do to promote my book if I only had ten bucks to my name?

What if no one knew me, how could I get ten reviews for my book this week?

What if I could only post once to Facebook/Instagram/email list today, what would I write about?

You know you’d put more thought into what you’d do and spend.

And you’d probably come up with something creative that no one else is doing.

That’s what I used when coming up with my coloring book course.

– What if I couldn’t draw to save my life?
– What if I hadn’t got a penny to hire someone?
– What if I could only do it with the things I already own?

This was the answer.

PS – Give it a go, you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.