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Health, Wealth, Relationships, Which One Are You Going After?


…which one are you going after with your book?

Is it health?

Is it wealth?

Or relationships?

Or maybe you’re throwing it out there and hoping someone snags on your fishing line.

When you know what you’re targetting, your book descriptions are better focused, and you separate yourself from the crowd.

Let’s take something as simple as a journal…and one of the markets above.

If I went after wealth, I’d talk about what writing a planner can do for you with keeping track of your spending.

If I went after health, I’d talk about what writing can do for your mental health and how writing can help with those
pesky thoughts.

If I went after relationships, I’d talk about how writing to a journal can be great for recording family memories, or help with a troubled marriage.

One product, three different angles.

Plus when you take on one, it opens you up to other closely knit products you can offer that audience.


Journals for husbands.
Journal for wives.
Journal for kids.
Journal for troubled marriages.
Journal for teens

So, which one are you going after?

And why are you even making journals?

Uncover your ‘Why’ here…

What’s Your Story?

Barry J McDonald.

PS – It’s time to stop being a copycat, and become the ‘Unicorn’ in your market.

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