Hello, This Is Miss Sowerbutt…


Yes, Sowerbutts.

When I used to work in a call centre, I was always surprised by people’s names, and how some with the weirdest, never thought of changing them.

In the UK, it only costs thirty quid to change it by deed poll, but for some, I guess they couldn’t be arsed on doing that.

Which is probably why Miss Sowerbutts was still single.

And so it is with names, some can grab your attention and stop you in your tracks.

Take the name of a folder I just put together for you puzzle and workbook fans.

It’s called Money Making Mazes.

Inside it are 100 easy, 100 medium, and 100 hard mazes, along with their solutions.

These are all in .PNG format so you can put them on any background, put them in puzzles books, make printables from them, stick them on a website, or give them away, it’s totally up to you.

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for lazy content to make money from, you can get your hands on all 300 behind the link below.

Money Making Mazes

You know the routine, these go up in price if I ever get around to doing a sales letter.

PS – And don’t get me started on Miss Pain….