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Here’s 5 Tough Truths You Probably Don’t Want To Hear

1 – You Can’t Retire On One Book.

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve seen on Twitter, polishing and repolishing their first book in hopes of getting it perfect.

Then when it’s released, they’re gutted that they still can’t tell their boss to stick his job, haven’t appeared on anyone’s bestselling list, and that all that effort disappeared like a fart in a hurricane.

One book…is just one book. Doesn’t matter how good it is.

The same goes for one blog post, one TikTok video, one Facebook post.

2 – Shyness Will Never Get You Anywhere.

Three-year-olds are cute when they’re shy.  A forty-year-old, that’s a whole different story.  The great Dan Meredeth once said that ‘Shy kids don’t get sweets’ and it’s so true.

A blogger that doesn’t promote his blog doesn’t get anywhere.

A writer that expects the world to stumble on her book will be waiting a long time.

A course creator that doesn’t tell people about their amazing course will starve.

If you’re not promoting yourself in some way or other, you’re either deluded or don’t believe in the thing you’re selling.

3 – Repetition Makes Things Popular

Boy George once said that the difference been a pop hit and a failure is repetition.  The cream may rise to the top but the more you see and hear something the more it’s widely accepted.

The songs, the books, the movies that get to number 1 are rarely the best ones that were created that year. The reason they get there is they’re promoted and played so many times that everything else fades into the background.

Read number 2 again.

4 – Push Button Businesses Don’t Exist In The Real World

Look around at the businesses that own the marketplace right now. How many are push-button or better yet ‘Copy and Paste’ businesses?

Do you think Google has someone in a corner office pushing one button over and over again? Or that Jeff Bezos built Amazon from his garage using a copy and paste system? – No.

But yet, you’d like to believe that.

You’d like to believe that you don’t need to show up, don’t need to show your face, don’t need to create anything, and that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are your road to financial freedom.

The only ones that make money from that are the dealers peddling those fantasies to you.

5 – You Don’t Own Social Media

A platform you don’t own is a platform you don’t own.

Likes, Followers, and hundreds of your best content can disappear at the click of a mouse.

You can bitch, moan, and tell the world that big bad Instagram took away your only income, but the reality is you built a business on something you never owned.

You’re the equivalent of working out of the back of a car at a huge car boot sale. And at any point, you could be told that the management doesn’t like what you’re selling and ask you to pack up and leave.

So use it, if you want to, but don’t fall under the illusion that you control it, or even need it.  – Google and Amazon weren’t built on the back of social media.



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