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Here’s A Crazy Thought…

Here's A Crazy Thought...
Here’s A Crazy Thought…

…the reality you’re living is based on someone’s opinion.

‘Nah, not me,’ says you.

But stay with me a minute.

A teacher calls you dumb, and you live out that reality.

Your mom says that you’re really clever, and you live out that reality.

Someone you respect says that you’re destined for great things, and you live out that reality.

The reason I don’t drive trucks right now is because my father said that I was too good for that job.

That opinion sent off the opposite way, and always made me feel special growing up.

So what you’re doing or not doing right now, is probably based on someone’s opinion of you.

Scary, right?

But what if they were wrong?

What if that opinion wasn’t true?

What if was said out of spite, or said to make them feel better about themselves?

That would mean that you’ve been living a lie.

That would also mean that there’s a lot more in you that you never tested.

And all because you’ve lived your life based on someone else’s opinion.


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