Here’s An Inspirational Piece I Got The Other Day

…when I first took the leap into writing kids fiction (and believe me it was a leap) I didn’t look any further than getting to the magical ‘The End’ finish line of my first book.

Leaving that, and thinking that the idea pool had been well and truly drained of ideas, I didn’t see a second book anywhere on the horizon….or the other 15 that were also to follow. And yet, they were all up in that noggin of mine.

I also didn’t know that this was waiting for me many years later…

“Barry, you are now one of my favorite authors. I loved this book! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Every time I had to quit reading, I would beg for more time. I’m a author in training. You deeply inspired me. I wrote a book and dedicated it to you.”


Just goes to show you you can inspire someone just as much with your fiction piece as you can with any non fiction one.

Had I known I would inspire someone years later, it might have taken the edge off coming up with story ideas. – Because believe me it was as painful as pulling teeth in those early days.

Thankfully all that frustration led to me coming up with a better way to come up with book ideas. – And when you’re carrying three main characters through a 17 book series you need as many new ideas as you can get.

This lead to a simple system.

One I call Super Simple Story Lines.

PS – I could throw in a few more nice words from a few other readers, but my head’s big enough already. Don’t want to turn this blog post into a two hour download because of any bigger image size. 🙂