Here’s One For The Skeptics

…while I was writing out the sales letter for my new vector graphic coloring book image mini course, a thought struck me….I love the skeptics.

The people that have been ripped off, told that there’s only one way of doing things, and been let down time after time by other marketers.

Now, while I feel sorry for them and their frustrating journey, by the time they get to me they’ve probably given up all hope.

‘This guy’s probably like the rest.’
‘This is probably another waste of money.’
‘This is the last throw of the dice.’

And then suddenly….the clouds break apart, the heavenly choirs sing aloud, and my new skeptic friend finds they’ve just bought something they actually does what I said it would.

When it doesn’t fall apart…doesn’t have small notice saying that batteries aren’t included…well, as you can imagine, their faith in humanity is restored once more.

And I’ve just proved myself as someone that can be trusted for future purchases.

So when I sent out an email, with nothing other than ‘This is a great way to create coloring book images,’ a few of the converted jumped on the offer and snapped it up, sight unseen.

The rest, well, they probably need a little proof. Something to quieten down that..’This could be another mistake’ voice in their heads. And who can blame them? There’s a lot of charlatans out there.

So, here’s the sales letter to quell your fears. 

PS – You also don’t need any batteries, just in case you thought there was a hidden downside.  : )