Here’s One For The Ungifted

…”It’s easier to believe that their talent was God given and not that they worked their asses off.”  – Tom Bilyeu

I assume all of us have a hero we look up to. It’s the fiction writer with those best selling books, the blogger with an unbelievably popular blog, or that guy in town that’s got a thriving business.

“Now those guys and gals are gifted….they’ve got that thing I’ll never have!”

Ever have the thought sneak in a second or two after you’ve thought of your hero?

The next thought then is usually, “Well, I’ll never get to the level they’re at, so why bother.”

In that moment you’ve got a loophole, a get out of jail free card, an alibi for not doing the work of following your dream.

Because as Tom Bilyeu said above, it’s easier to think that what they have is a God given gift, rather than looking at it from the viewpoint of “I wonder how many hours did it take for them to get good at that?”

When you look at it that way, not only does it make what they have achievable – if you put in the work, and learn more about what you need to know – but it also turns off the green eyed monster in you.

One that would never think of going up to that person and asking …’Hey, how did you get to where you are?’ But instead, sneers, criticises, or just throws out that dream you have of being like that person.

Because they’ve got it lucky, and why would you want to follow a person that has luck just fall at their feet every day?

Here’s the thing, talent doesn’t always guarantee you a number one slot. If anything, more God given talent has been tossed away on the scrap heap of life than ever used.

So the next time that…’God given talent’..thought comes to mind, ask yourself instead…’I wonder how much work they put in to get to where they are?’

Follow that thought and you’ll get closer to joining them.

As for me, even with my all my massive God given talent, I still use this daily system of content creation   🙂

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