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Here’s Something To Ponder…

…I want you to look at your hand.

Take a good look at your palm.

Now run your eyes over your fingernails.

And if there’s any reflection nearby, take a look at yourself.

This time last year none of that existed.

That hand didn’t exist.

Those fingernails didn’t exist.

And that face, twelve months back, didn’t exist either.

That’s because your body is totally renewed every year.

Every single cell has been swapped out.

So that loser you thought you were last year doesn’t exist anymore.

That horrible mistake you made last year, the person that made it, can’t be found on this planet anymore.

That person who said they couldn’t write a book this time last year doesn’t exist.

So, why does it feel like they’re still here?

Because you carry them with you year after year.

That only place they exist in your head.

Maybe it’s time to let that go too.

Something to ponder on, right?

While you’re pondering on that, this offer is gone for good when all the copies are sold.

Have a good one!

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