Here’s Something You Probably Didn’t Know…

…I know I didn’t.

If you’ve been in the self development circle at any time, you’ve probably heard of Napoleon Hill.

And if you don’t know his name you probably know his book… ‘Think And Grow Rich.’

The story behind the book is that Hill was an up and coming reporter
that got an interview with Andrew Carnegie (steel baron and at that
time the richest man in the world).

At their meeting, Carnegie gave Hill an ultimatum…would he be willing to give up years of his life to meet  and record the success secrets of the rich and famous of that time?

He also gave him 60 seconds to come up with a decision. Carnegie secretly held a stopwatch hidden under his desk to see if Hill was the right man for the job.


Hill did the job and came up with not only ‘Think And Grow Rich’ but other success themed books too.

And as you’d expect, he made a lot of money for himself.

But…and here’s the big but…near the later stages of his life, he was broke.

And when I say broke…I mean broke, broke …he once had his typewriter for sale in Success magazine for $50.

Luckily for him, he met W. Clement Stone. Who not only hired him to train his insurance salesmen, but bought up all of Hill’s writings.

Stone had also gotten mega rich from using the information in Hill’s books.

So you’re probably wondering…how is that?

How can one write a success philosophy and go broke…and someone else get rich (and more importantly stay rich) using the same information?

It all comes down to action.

Hill was selling a blueprint, but was selling it rather than using it.

Stone on the other hand was working it for all it was worth.

That’s why most prosperity coaches drive beat up cars. They’ll tell you that they know what you should do, but don’t do it themselves.

The same way some Guru’s will tell you that they’re making a fortune, when they’re living in a third world country where having $20 in the bank means you’re the richest man in town.

You either talk the talk or walk the walk.

Same thing with building an email list.

You do it….or you don’t do it.

I’ll be honest, everyday I’m posting content in as many places as I can to get as many people as I can to sign up to my email list.

I also use this plugin to do it. 

I know I’d rather be W. Clement Stone than Napoleon Hill.

How about you?

You talking…or walking?

If you’re walking…walk this way and do what I do.