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Here’s Why No One’s Supporting You Right Now

While I wouldn’t call myself a student of the bible there are a few quotes that have stuck in my noggin, like the subject of today’s post., “You can’t be a prophet in your hometown.”

I don’t know what context it was used in, but there was never a truer word said. 

For some of us, the people that we thought would be our best cheerleaders are the ones that give up the least support, and folks that we’ll probably never meet in our lifetime become our greatest fans. 

How is that? How is it that someone that grew up with us can doubt what we’ll achieve?

Well, it’s for the very reason that they grew up with us. When you’ve spent days, weeks, months, or even years, you get to see them warts and all. You’ve seen them on their bad days. You’ve seen them at their laziest. And when they turn around and tell you that they’re going to run a marathon, trek around the world, or write a book, well, we figure anyone but this person we know well can do it. And so the response or support we give them is minimal, or we laugh at their suggestion. 

And sometimes it’s not even just our family and friends that doubt us. We do it too. We know our bad habits. We know how lazy we are. We know how we failed Chemistry at school. And because we know where all the bodies are buried, we fail to give ourselves the thumbs up and a cheesy grin. – The thought to go through our heads after we declare our intention is to answer it with a ‘How could I achieve that?’

Now, it’s in those moments when we look backwards. We ask Mr or Mrs Brain to go back through the mental filing cabinet and bring back moments when we did that thing. Written a book, zero results. Trekked around the world on our own, zero results. Made a million dollars, zero results. And when you’re faced with never having done that thing, we assume that we won’t be able to do it in the future. – But is that true?

Go back through your life, and you’ll find times when you couldn’t do that thing until you suddenly could do it. You couldn’t walk yesterday, but then you’re doing it today. You couldn’t ride a bike, and now you can.  You couldn’t drive a car, and now you’re driving, playing with the radio, and having a conversation with your passenger at the same time. – Once that skill or achievement wasn’t there and now it is. 

It’s funny that we accept those moments from the past but doubt our futures. We think we’ve moved beyond a magical point where that doesn’t work anymore. We feel that we can only do that when we’re younger. But try and get your head around the idea that you could be the host of your own podcast in your fifties and the mental shutter comes crashing down. – That moment has passed and we can’t do it.

But how crazy is that? To write ourselves off without making an attempt. To show ourselves a moment when we won the grand prize in the game show, but wheel it way with the notion that it’s not for you. 

So, where did we lose our power to be our best cheerleaders? 

If you look backwards you’ll see that from childhood til now, it’s been a gradual decline in the support you received. Everyone cheered you on when you took your first step. Everyone said how great you looked on your first day going to school. But after that, it’s been a downward spiral of you’re too dumb to be in this class, this is the job you’re only fit for, and forget about your boss throwing a parade in your honour. – Most times they don’t notice you until it hits the fan. 

So it’s no wonder many of us doubt anything great about ourselves.  Everyone else can achieve great things, but not little ole me. That boat has long since sailed. You can’t be a….fill in the blank….now. 

But just because life has made you feel that way, doesn’t mean that’s true. Your past isn’t your future. Your starting point isn’t your destination. What you don’t do now, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it tomorrow. And just because you or your family doubts you, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  – Having a doubt doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to do that thing. 

If the world doesn’t support you now, it doesn’t mean that it always won’t, But you’ve got to be the one to get the ball rolling. You’ve got to be the one that says, “Yes, I goofed up until now. Yes, I was a lazy ass in the past. But I know there’s more in the tank. I know I’m more than the results I’ve gotten. – I can do this.”

And do it you can. Having doubts and fears doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Do it scared. Do it doubting yourself. And one day you’ll wake up and it’ll just be a normal thing you do. 

You can do it!

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