Hiding Behind Your Clark Kent Specs?

…on the day when we celebrate our hero from Krypton, there was always something that never sat right with me….how come no one could see beyond the glasses on Clark Kent’s face?

Now Batman, at least Bruce Wayne had the sense of putting a rubber mask on his face. But a piece of plastic and two bits of glass? Me thinks we wouldn’t be duped by something as small as that.

And yet we can be.

A few years back, Henry Cavill decided to put that theory to the test. Would anyone notice him, standing right in front of his own Superman billboard, just wearing a pair of specs?

In all the time he was there, no one did, and in fact the only person that went up to him only did so because they were looking for directions.

So what can you learn from this?

Well for one, nobody is paying half as much attention to you as you think they are.

And two, the people around you probably don’t recognise you as the writer, blogger, or publisher that you are.

You’re just the crazy one in the family that’s writing ‘those stories’, has something called a ‘blog thingie’, or makes coloring books for ‘people with more money than sense.’

Had Clark Kent come out as Superman to his friends I’m sure he wouldn’t have been accepted either. He’s just the bumbling idiot that keeps knocking things over.

But had he lived that way 24/7, we wouldn’t have had the hero we needed.

And so it goes for you.

Yeah you might be a Clark Kent right now, but there’s a Superman/woman inside there somewhere.

You can keep hiding behind those glasses, or you can toss them away, pull those pants of yours on outside your trousers and go act like the hero your audience needs.

The cape is optional. 🙂

Now, if you’re looking to build something like your own Bat signal, directing people your way, I’d go here. 

PS – Who knows what superpowers you’ve got locked away that we all could do with?

…you could even start off slow, and save a few kitten in trees for starters.