Hindsight Is 20/20…Or Oops Notre Dame

…you’d think that a cathedral that survived the French Revolution, a few World Wars, and a coupla other big events, was destined to be standing for a few more years.

…especially in this day and age of smoke alarms, sprinklers, and let’s not forget…la fire engine.

But alas no.

Seems the brains behind the safety of Notre Dame were convinced that the wooden oak beams were too old to burn quickly. They also thought that a few smoke alarms in the ceiling would do a fine job.  – If any smoke alarm was triggered, there was someone that could run up and check to see if it was OK.

Thing is, it took that person 6 minutes to get up there, and if they found anything, then that’s when they’d call the fire station.

Hindsight is a great thing to have, unfortunately it comes a little on the late side of things.

– It’s that hard drive back up you didn’t do.
– That password you meant to change.
– It’s that promising niche you were going to enter and didn’t.
– It’s that course you were going to make, and now someone else has stole your thunder.

Or maybe it’s something on the way you don’t know about.

Whatever it might be, take a few minutes to plug some of those holes. – You may be glad you did in the future.

And speaking of plugging holes, and putting some thought into things….the same also works well when writing your books.

The more you plan and iron out all those plot holes in your story line, the better your fiction piece will be. – Because once you know where you’re going, you can quickly write from A-B and not have all those detours wasting good writing time. Or wonder what happens next.

Here’s how to do it. 

PS – I also don’t know which filled the internet quicker, word of the fire, or the avalanche of memes that grew from it.