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Hit In The Ass With A Firework.

….I don’t think there’s ever been a blog post with a title like that.

There’s also not many people that saw what I did that day.

I’ll put in on front street, me and fireworks are a bad combination…even worse than a monkey with a machine gun…but hey, who doesn’t love a good firework, right?

Seems fireworks love me too.

A good number of years back, before Mrs Mc became Mrs Mc, I was showing off in front of Catherine.

“I’ll light this, you run around the corner and I’ll be right after you.”

“You’re sure, right?” Catherine knew me too well.

“Hey, what can go wrong? We’ll be around the corner before it has a chance to go off.”

Next thing she knew I was running toward her with a firework coming screaming after me …seems fireworks can go around a ninety degree corner when they want to.

It also singled me out and exploded as it hit me in the ass….left a nasty bruise…and even worse, more content for my wife-to-be to tease me about for years to come.

My new course it like that firework.

It goes a lot further than you think it will, and helps you target exactly what your audience is looking for.

But without the nasty bite in the behind.

You can pick it up here.

PS – If you ever hear me say, “Hey, what can go wrong?” to you, be prepared to run.