Hitler Liked Painting And Vegetables Too

…don’t think I’ve ever wrote a blog post with Hitler in the title…but there you go.

WriteCome, a first for everything.  : )

So why am I talking about the little square mustached dictator?

Well, as Tony Shepherd rightly pointed out, he had other interests than just trying to make German the first language world over.

He also liked painting and veggies.

Same goes for the folks you’re creating content for.

The don’t do coloring books 24/7.

They’re not reading one author, or genre, exclusive to everything else.

If they like crossword puzzles, there’s a good chance they like working on other brain teasing content.

So don’t narrow your focus too much when trying to get in front of them, or coming up with ideas they might like to buy.

Think a little outside the niche box.

There’s free traffic, groups, and content ideas out there that hardly anyone else in tapping into.

Now, go get that thinking cap on.

WriteCome, a first for everything.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Can’t even hold you arm straight out and wave anymore either, or it could get taken the wrong way.  : )