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Honestly, This Is A True Story

….if you’re a little squeamish or just eaten, you may want to turn away now.
.Still with me?


A few day ago, a young lady met a man on the Tinder app.

And being happy with what she saw, her and her good man went out to a restaurant on a date.

Everything went well until she went back to his place….and then nature called – what goes in must come out.

So she excused herself and used his toilet. But, whether it was weak water pressure, or too big of a poop, it wasn’t going anywhere.

“What to do? What to do?” she wondered.

“Oh, yeah the open window…..I’ll just scoop it out and toss it out his bathroom window.”


It sat on the window ledge and didn’t fall off.

And worse than that, she realized too late that there was hardly any distance between his bathroom window and the next door neighbors window.

“I know, I’ll climb up and push it free,” she says to herself, climbing onto the window sill and stretching out to reach it.

Then disaster.

She finds herself wedged tight in the window and stuck between both houses.

And so…

…a fire truck had to be called and the window dismantled to get her free.
Embarrassing, or what?

You couldn’t make a story like that up, could you?

People would say that was ridiculous, too far fetched.

And yet, there’s crazy stuff like that happening around us everyday.

Still struggling to come up with story line ideas?

Go here and make use of what’s happening around you.

Today’s lesson – Test your toilet before use, ladies and germs.

Or just carry a big stick at all times.


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