How Are You Using Your Spacebar?

…at any given second six million spacebars are hit all over the world.

That’s a lot of tapping.

That got me thinking. Wonder what the folks are doing?

Well, we’ve probably got the rabbit hutch cubicle folks, filling spreadsheets that no one is ever going to look at.

The basement gamers, protecting the world from a whole host of scenarios they’re never gonna be able to tackle in real life.

And probably the social media folk, that think we need to know their opinions on everything, and what they’ve had for breakfast.

In other words, a whole load of clicking and not a lot going on.

Then you have the small number. Those that use it to make something they can live off, something that can inspire others, and something that people enjoy reading.

Go make some money with that spacebar.

PS – Like the spacebar, that link only takes a second to click, but at least you’ll be on the way to building something constructive with your time.