How Big Is Your Glass?

…’You can’t fit a big dream into a small life.’ – Les Brown.

Imagine you took a pitcher filled with water, and a small drinking glass. Filling it, you don’t slow down as the glass begins to overflow and spill all over the countertop.

Daft right? It wouldn’t take a five year old to tell you that you’d never get all of that water into that little glass.

But that’s not how people do things.

They dream of making a thousand dollars a month, when they’ve only got the makings of a ten buck guy in them.

They dream of a owning a best selling book, but they can’t keep their butt in a seat for longer than five minutes.

They dream of being a social media influencer, but can’t even post for longer than week.

And they wonder why it’s not working for them.

As Les said above, having a dream is nice, but you better be prepared to hold up your side of the equation.

It’s putting in the hours, reading the books, getting out of your comfort zone, and showing up when no one notices or cares about what you’re doing.

The bigger you get however, the more attractive you’ll be to your goal. Because let’s face it, why would a goal be attracted to someone that’s sitting on their butt watching daytime TV.

It’s not like they’ll appreciate it, treat it well, or be grateful that it finally showed up. Why? Well, because they did nothing to achieve it.

Same goes for all of us.

Yes, there’s probably a millionaire in you, a best selling writer, a huge online business owner, but when you’re limiting it’s entry by only allowing it to come in through the keyhole, don’t be surprised that’s it’s taking a long time doing the actions you’ve always done.

So, compared to your goal, how big of a glass are you?

Too small? Then it’s time you did something about that.

Now, if you’re limiting your fiction book sales with bad books cover, here’s where I’d go to up your game.