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How Can 2021 Be Any Different?


…for a lot of people 2021 is going to be the answer to their prayers.

The hard reset…that’s going to make everything turn good.

The problem is, it’s going to end the same as 2020.

Same as 2019.

Same as 2018.

And on and on it goes.


Because you’re part of the equation.

Take you out, and put someone else into your business, and they’d get far different results than you’re getting.

For some that might be worse results, and for some that might be better ones.

Which when you think about it….is crazy.

The fact that someone can have the same time limits as you have, work with the same building blocks as you are, and get a completely different result.

But it’s happening.

Right now there are people working with the limited time that you have and achieving better results.

Right now, there are people working with the same talent as you have and getting better results.

The difference between them, and you, is what’s going on in their noggin.

And it’s something I talk about in today’s podcast episode.…/episodes/Who-Is-Building-You-Up-en7j5j

Whether you click the link and listen in, is up to you.

But just remember, that the same you is going into 2021…warts and all.

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