How Comfortable Are You At Getting Uncomfortable?

Back in my MLM days, yes I was one of those people, there were more than a few times when I had to bundle my young kids in a car, drive two hours to a meeting and sit in a cold car park while my wife attended our upline meeting. 

Anyone on the outside would question my sanity, taking two small kids out and sitting in a cold winter car park. But to me at the time it was worth it. If it meant that we could bring more money and give them a better life the discomfort was worth it. 

Now, while I didn’t retire to a far off island, it did lead to some nice paydays as we were able to sell more weight loss kits than we had before. But looking back now I can see how being willing to be uncomfortable can set you apart from other people. 

Most people say they’d love to write books but aren’t willing to go through the lengthy writing process. And if they do finish. hide that work on their hard drive where it can’t be criticised. 

Most people say that’d love to have a YouTube channel with thousands of fans following them, but stop because they’re worried about someone from their neighbourhood finding out what they’re doing and judging them. 

Most people would love to play a musical instrument and amaze people with their talent, but realize that that level is years away and what’s the point in rehearsing for hours until that happens. 

All people with a dream, but unwilling to get uncomfortable for even five minutes. 

The best illustration of this is something I heard the great Bob Proctor say once. 

When asked why he didn’t do his seminar in the east side of town, instead of the west because it was easier to get to, Bob remarked that he’d walk across the planet if it meant he’d get closer to his goal. 

What’s stopping you?

Is it as small as a walk across the city? Worrying about what the neighbours think? Having to put aside an hour to do some writing or recording? Is it the fact that you’ll miss out on your favourite TV show for the next few weeks?

Now, how does that compare to what you want? To look back on your life and say ‘Yep, I did all the things I wanted to do.’

It shouldn’t hold a candle to what you want to achieve. 

Because if you’re not willing to get comfortable, being uncomfortable to get there, then you’ve already lost.

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