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How Content Marketing Helps

How Content Marketing Helps
How Content Marketing Helps

How Content Marketing Helps

Throw a rock in any direction online and you’ll hit a content marketing ‘expert.’ Most will tell you that you need to be marketing content and getting that content in as many places as possible.

Now, for most of those people, there’s a reason they’re singing from that hymn sheet. They provide content marketing as a service. – You hire them and they’ll fill your Facebook wall with content that’s going to have the whole town beating down your door. – Or so they’ll tell you.

But before you go off hiring someone to do a job, that you haven’t a clue what they’re actually getting paid for, let’s back up this bus up for a moment.

So What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, to me, is simply creating content to show you’re an expert at what you do?

  • If you’re a piano teacher, you’re creating content that proves you’re good at your job.
  • If you’re a plumber, you’re creating content to show off the work you do and the happy customers you have.
  • If you train dogs, you’re creating content to prove that you can train any dog, and have the testimonials to prove it.

Because when you think about it, the only way I’m going to find out if you’re any good at what you do is if I hire you. – Sometimes that might pay off, and sometimes that’s a costly mistake.

How Content Marketing Helps

Now, how content marketing helps is, if I can see how good you are without messing up my home, dog, or emptying out my bank account, that’s a plus in my eyes.

So when it comes to the type of content you create, you create articles, videos, podcasts, giving snippets of knowledge that attract your audience to you. That’s what’s known in the business as attraction marketing.

You make your customer, reader, or follower come to you. – Instead of you using your best-used car salesman impersonation to get them to hire you. (We’ve all faced a pushy salesperson who made us instantly walk to the door instead of doing business with them.)

So What Content Should You Create?

The best content you can create is the content you’re most comfortable making.

What I mean by that is, if you’re good at writing, then written content is the way to go. – This could be simple ‘Top 10 Products To Use’ articles’, ‘Don’t Make These Mistakes’ Facebook posts, or ‘What You Should Know Before You Hire A…. ’ LinkedIn posts.

If you’re good at video and don’t mind speaking to the camera, then video is for you. –  This could be ‘Walkthroughs Of Your Latest Job’ on Facebook, ‘This Is How You Fix This Simple Problem’ videos for TikTok,’ or ‘This Is What Goes On Behind The Scenes’ for a YouTube channel.

Or if you’ve got the gift of the gab, podcasting is the best option to go. – This could be a daily or weekly episode discussing things like..’Your Questions Answered’, ‘Explainer’, or ‘Interviews With’ podcast episodes.

I’m sure you can see how creating content on any of the above and putting them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or your own website or blog, could start attracting your ideal customers to you.

And once you’ve got their attention, you’ll find that any sales process you have will be a lot easier as you’ve shown them that you know what you’re talking about, and built some trust and likability too.

Your next step is to start creating it and putting it out there. : )

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