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How Do You Deal With Writer’s Block?

When it comes to creating content there will be days when the well seems like it’s run dry and you’ve said all you can. And it’s on those days it’s like trying to tell yourself not to think of a ‘Pink elephant’ you can’t see anything but the lack of ideas that you have. If that’s where you are right now I’d try out the following.

Read, Watch, Or Listen To Some Else’s Content – Instead of starting off with a blank slate, have a look at what someone else has made and ask yourself the following questions. – Do I agree with it? – How could I make it better? – What if I took their fictional character and put them in one of my worlds, or wrote a prequel to this book? – What important advice did they leave out of that blog post? – What’s important advice they should have mentioned in this piece?

If you run someone else’s content through any of those questions, you’ll find that piece can be a springboard to content ideas, book ideas, blog posts, etc and all because you’re not working with a blank slate.

Ask Yourself The “What If?” Question – What if I wrote this blog post through the eyes of my dog? What if I came up with the worst baddie I could for a book, what would he look like, want, and do? What if I had to sum up my knowledge into a top 10 list, what would I put in it? What if I was a beginner, what would I want to know about? What if I had to start again, what would I do differently? What if I had months to live, what would be the content I’d want to leave behind me?

I’m sure you can see, that the what-if question is great for generating new, weird, and sometimes our best content when you take a step backwards, and to the side, and look at what you do in a new way.

Hope that helps to get your creative juices going. – Have a good one!

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