How Do You Fair On This Money Making Equation?

…creating or consuming?

Which side do you spend most of your time and money on?

If it’s consuming, I’m afraid you’ll never get anywhere.

Just like you can’t rob your way to prosperity, you also can’t get ahead if you’re spending the majority of your time on the consuming side.

Knowledge is good, but if it’s not putting some rubber on the road, it’s a waste. – Unless you’re using it for the local pub quiz. 

Like most people, I woke up to this a lot later than I should have. My big awaking moment was when I noticed that all my new purchases contained things I already knew. – And were also put together by people that were only a
month in the business. – Doh!

What was my excuse for not starting? – I needed something more. I needed that last piece of advice to finish off my jig-saw puzzle and then I was good to go.

Fact is, I didn’t.

And neither do you.

Sure, you can kid yourself that you need that little thing that’s going to help you get the ball rolling. But why not start from where you are.

You’re never going to know it all. And if you ever could, you’ll still forget things that you learned in the past. – Especially if you’re not putting that knowledge into practice every day.

The other side….the creation side, is where the fun and the money is.

Sure, it takes a little courage to move sides, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Now, if you’re in the writing game, a nice little book cover or digital representation can help sell your content.

Here’s how I do mine.

PS – Simples!

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