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How Do You See The World?

…and don’t say…with your two eyes (smarty pants), I mean…really….see the world.

Sometimes in life, you have those moments when you see something, and from that moment on you don’t look at things the same way.

I’ll never forget the first night I got invited to an MLM meeting and watched the speaker draw out a series of interlinking circles that spread out further the more they went down the page.

That opened my eyes to the idea of leverage. And that you don’t have to rely on what you do alone as a way of making a living. You could hire or work with others to share the workload.

…The next, was reading that you could write something, and it could sell while you slept snugly in your bed.

That opened my eyes that I didn’t need to always be there to make a sale, something a shop owner could never do.

….The next, was learning that work I did now, could repay me in the weeks and months ahead. Without me lifting a finger.

That opened my eyes to the fact that an hour’s work wasn’t just an hours work. Or an hour’s offline pay. That hour could be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in income.

Why am I mentioning these?

Because once you experience those moments for yourself, that genie is out of the box. And once it’s out, you never look at life in the same way.

It’s like looking at the world with ‘Matrix-type’ glasses and seeing the world as a series of ones and zeroes than the one everyone else sees.

Rob Moore summed it up well in his book on Money.

“Human beings will see the world the way they see it, not the way it is.”

We might all walk through the same world, but there are people that see it far differently than you do.

And if you shake off your doubts, you may surprise yourself by what you’re able to do.

And once you do, you’ll never look at life in the same way ever again.

People said that you needed an illustrator to make a great looking kids picture book. 

I broke that mould wide open with this.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Once you see how easy it is, you can’t unsee it.