How I Came Back From Self Improvement Burn Out

….last year I hit a wall.

And not a physical wall, but a mental one…all because I became a junkie.

No…not that type, but a self development junkie. Spending too much time reading books, like The Secret, going from one ritual to another, tapping for this, chanting for that, and God forbid I should let my vibration get out of whack.

It all came to a head when I posted in a Facebook group all that I was doing to overcome old limiting beliefs and preventing future “bad” thinking.

Now this group were a successful bunch of people, high earners and no posers…

…so…if you can imagine a group doing a virtual double take …well.. that’s what happened.

Reading back through their comments and at what I’d posted, my thoughts shone out…I didn’t think I was good enough the way I was…and I was using all the self development stuff as a crutch for not taking action.

Their advice.

You’re good enough.

You’re going to have doubts.

When you do, throw yourself into massive action to keep your mind distracted.

And keep going.

…You’ve probably noticed that a lot in my posts and emails, I’m constantly going on about action.

It’s the only thing that’s going to make a difference in your life.

Want to get successful even faster, do sh*t you don’t believe you can do.

Do that and the sky’s the limit.

I posted a video on this topic the other day…you can find it here.

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