How Many Thumbtacks Can Fit On A Human Butt?

….I was given this blog title as a challenge. But having too much time on my hands, I handed it to a man that loves nothing more than looking up weird facts.

*Michael Caine.

(I don’t know why, but he loves giving out facts and stuff, must be an age thing?)

“Over to you, Michael.”


“The thing we talked about, you know, the thumb tack thing?”

“Oh yeah…that thing….did you know?………I said, did you know …that.. .thumb tacks were historically used by draftsmen for the purpose of attaching paper to a drawing board, hence the name ‘drawing pin.

And that…

The term ‘Getting down to brass tacks,’ came from the simple brass tack we use. It  means to consider the basic facts of a situation. Well, because there’s not really much to a brass tack, is there?

And the best yet…

Did you know you can try out for a Guinness world record where you can see how long you can keep it spinning on it’s tip.”


“Yeah I know, I mean, what crazy bast**d would go and do something like that?”

“Please Michael watch your language, we’ve got blog readers here.”

“I know, but come on? We had that thing spinning at the end of Inception but at least that made sense-”

“And what about the butt thing, you know, you were supposed to find out about the butt thing?”

“How am I supposed to know? How big of an arse are we talking about?”

“I dunno?”

“Well there you go, how am I supposed to answer that question if I don’t know the size of the arse in question?”

“I suppose so. But-“

“Is she blonde? I love a good blonde, or a red head, got sweet spot for redheads”

Sorry folks, this email is getting out of hand.

“Michael you can’t talk like that. You know that we’re not alon-”

“I’m off. Having me looking up stuff like that, you know I’m a Hollywood actor?”

“Yeah, but…”
Sorry folks, that door you heard slamming was Michael leaving.

Guess we’ll never know how many thumb tacks can fit on a human butt.

Maybe I’ll ask Bill Platt instead?

He’s a clever man. Coming up with ideas like this.

While you’re over there, I better go and see what Michael’s up to. Last thing I need is this stuff coming up in a TV interview.

Talk later.


….*No Micheal Caines were used or harmed in the making of this blog post.