How Much Would You Pay For A Customer?

…go on….pull a figure out of that noggin of yours.

– 10 cents?
– $1?
– $2?
– $10?
– more?

How much you’re willing to pay says a lot about you.

I don’t mean personally…but where your head and business is at.

You probably shook your head at the $10 option, but how low would you go?

It’s always amazes me….that writers, and book creators will work harder on getting a new customer, than keeping a
old one.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, your next customer was your last one.

If they bought something off of you, it means that there must have been some trust there before they clicked the buy button.

Now here’s a crazy thought…what if you gave your last reader their money back?

You wha?

Stay with me here for a moment.

What if on the last page of your coloring book, fiction book, non fiction book you put a link in big bold writing saying, ‘Click here to get your purchase price back?’

If you’re only handling out a 99cent kick back, that’s a small price to give away to get that reader’s name and email address. – And that’s a paying customer, not a freebie seeker!

You won’t get a reader with a Facebook ad for that price.

‘But I’ll be out of pocket!’ you say.

Then you my friend, have to get a funnel of books together, so you can sell to that customer again and again, so you can make back that 0.99 cent and more.

‘But I sell my books for $6.99..I’ll be on the street in a fortnight!’ you say.

Then give them a coupon to the value of $6.99 that they can redeem at ‘YOUR’ online store.

This way…

1 – Your reader’s buying off you, not Amazon…so zero competition.

2 – They picture your next book as being a $6.99 in value, rather than a freebie you tossed to them to get their email address.

Have an a-ha moment?

How many authors are willing to give their customers their money back…either cash or vouchers?

If you said one you’d be generous.

Think maybe, out of all the other authors and publishers, you’d suddenly stand out like a sore thumb?

Me too, and you’re building a list of buying customers. And if you’re posting out books, you also get their home address.

Once you’ve got those, you’ve just reduced your competition to zero. Because who are you competing with at the mailbox?


Sermon over.

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