How To Create A Book Without Writing A Single Word

Ask someone what goes into creating a book and they’ll probably tell you…

…that you need to write long passages of text….

or….in the case of a kids picture book, write the text and also put some picture together.

They’d never say that you can create a book without writing a single word.

But it’s possible. And these aren’t books that are catered just toward kids, but adults too.

‘What are they?’ I hear you say.

They’re workbooks and puzzle books.

They’re also very popular in the Amazon book store.

So if you feel writing isn’t for you, just yet.

Don’t dismiss the idea that you can’t create and publish your very own word free books.

You can find a great course in the Writecome members area where I show you how to do it.

By the way, although it’s catered to the kids market, there’s nothing stopping you from using this information and creating your own adult puzzle books too.

If you’d like to create your own word free bestselling books, go here and lets get you started.

PS – Who ever said you had to be an author to have a bestselling book. 🙂